Master in International Aviation Management

3 semestres


Getting customers and goods to their destination quickly and safely – that's the key thing in aviation management. But the company's market position and efficiency are also in your hands when you are in upper management.
That is why we provide not only important specialist knowledge but also relevant general management know-how in our International Management Master's degree programme with a major in Aviation Management. There are attractive top positions in interesting aviation professions for our graduates – especially at the management level.

You will learn about the main drivers for airline profitability – network planning and revenue management –, acquire knowledge about environmental issues such as noise and emissions, deepen your knowledge of airline and airport financing, and also deal with issues such as human resources, financial accounting and marketing.


1st Semester

    Strategic Service Management

    Strategic Project Planning
    Aviation Policy

    Aviation Simulation Game
    Aviation Seminar
    Controlling Airlines and Airports

2nd Semester

Master Thesis & Colloquium

Step-by-step to your Master's degree in International Aviation Management

    First semester

    The first semester is for your expanding specialisation in aviation management.

    Second semester

    In this semester you complete your studies by writing your Master's thesis. The thesis is written under the expert supervision of professors and lecturers as an independent scientific paper for solving a management task.

The courses are held in lecture and seminar format. There are about 30 students per class – this encourages dialogue between professors and students.

Admission Requirements:

Prerequisites for admission to the Master Aviation Management programme:

Preliminary studies:

Int. Management Aviation 120 ECTS: Bachelor´s degree (180 ECTS)
Int. Aviation Management 60 ECTS:
  •     240 ECTS from economic undergraduate studies or
  •     210 ECTS from economic undergraduate studies + practical work experience (30 ECTS) or
  •     210 ECTS from non economic undergraduate studies + Path2Master (30 ECTS) or
  •     210 ECTS from non economic undergraduate studies + TASC exam


La Maestría es ideal para quienes requieren una formación administrativa en el mundo de la aviación.


El programa cuenta con material completo y actualizado, estudio de casos reales y elaboración de proyectos vinculados con la gestión y administración de negocios vinculados a la aviación. Los alumnos acceden a seminarios de aviación, simulaciones relacionadas, políticas vinculadas a lo aéreo, herramientas para el control de aerolíneas y el estudio de leyes y regulaciones gubernamentales relacionadas.


3 semestres


The Master's programmes in Aviation Management prepare you for the specific challenges of an executive in the aviation business – an ideal start to your career:
  • You will learn how to apply specific strategic and operative management concepts to international aviation companies and infrastructure providers
  • You will expand your knowledge of the structure and the success factors of value-enhancing business models in aviation
  • You will also come to understand the role of government regulators, which are an important part of the aviation industry's operating framework

Título obtenido

Degree in Master of Business Administration (MBA). Licenciatura en MBA Master in International Aviation Management.

Perspectivas laborales

El Máster garantiza a sus alumnos una formación valorada en empresas vinculadas a la aviación, de corte público o privado. he Master degree course specialised in Aviation Management makes you a sought-after expert in the field of aviation. As a future manager you assume responsibility in the field of aviation and logistics. Airlines, airports, logistics and transport enterprises, above all those with international business activities today already prefer to employ graduates from IUBH.


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Ventajas del curso

Why should I study Aviation Management at IUBH? International International campus with students and professors from more than 85 nations Practical orientation High degree of practical relevance through guest speakers, company presentations, corporate projects and field trips English-speaking Lectures in English and intensive exchanges with professors and fellow students Network Top-class network of industry contacts for careers at home and abroad Small groups Instruction in small groups given by lecturers with track records of practical experience Expertise You may choose from different specialisations Unique Unique study programme with a high rate of recognition in the industry Knowledge Academic knowledge is consistently taught in case studies, project work and applied research projects
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