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Barcelona is the European capital of innovation and an international tech hub that holds leading Big Data Corporate projects. Many global companies are relocating their Big data operations into the city, what means professional opportunities for those who be ready.

The Master in Big Data & Innovation Analytics is a program lead by BTS, Eurecat (the Technology Center of Catalonia) and Big Data industry leaders. With the Master in Big Data & Innovation Analytics,  awarded by BTS and the University of Barcelona, you will develop the most demanded Big Data skills while you discover in first person the innovative vision of data from the industry leaders.


Temario del curso

Data Science Foundations
During the subject the students will learn how to manage data, perform time series analysis and forecasting in Python. They will learn how to fit data to probability distributions and regression models, use Python/Pandas to perform general statistical analysis in their data, apply appropriate and useful Geographic Information System (GIS) tools and Geostatistics in Python to find spatial data patterns.

Classical Data Analysis

Students will learn analytical skills and the most important supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms for regression, classification and clustering, to apply them to an analytic or business intelligence strategy. They will learn how to use Python libraries to run these data mining algorithms and use the trained models for prediction.

Data Driven Business

The students will understand how big data projects can bring value to an organization, how data can be applied to solve real business problems because of the large amounts of data available generated by digitalization. Student will also develop communication and persuasion skills, since data results and projects usually have to be given and carried out in a company context.

Innovation & Creative Technology

Students will experience the process of discovery, interpretation and ideation. They will learn techniques to identify opportunities and understand customer needs. They will integrate the process of conceptualization and creative design that will help them design innovative digital solutions.

Infrastructure for Big Data

Students will learn how to use software for managing large amounts of data and fast data streams, particulary focusing on distributed systems for storage and processing data with an emphasis on the open source. They will learn how to design efficient system architectures to capture, process and store Big Data, as well as the best practices in provisioning, deploying, tuning and maintaining Big Data systems.

Advanced Data Analysis

As a continuation of the Classical Data Analysis module, this one will develop the skills to deal with complex data types such as a "basket" (a set of elements like a shopping cart), a network/graph, or georeferenced data. Students will learn different methods to analyse each data type, like association rules mining, algorithms, georeferencing, creation of maps and location-aware models.

Big Data Legal and Security

Students will learn what are the legal barriers of the data management and the core security principles in a Big Data project, including confidentiality, integrity and availability (CIA). They will also learn the principles behind symmetric and asymmetric cryptography and they will apply them by building an end-to-end security implementation for a corporate network.


Students will learn to shape opportunities, provide the leadership and build the team to create economic and social value. They will create and develop business models for start-ups based on customer development and continuous validation, managing financial metrics and dealing with investors.

Real-time Data Analysis

Students will learn the specialized data management infrastructures and algorithms needed to deal with challenging data sources. They will learn distributed algorithms, which are specifically designed for large-scale data being processed in a parallel/distributed computing environment. They will also perform operations in data streams, including clustering data, and use the map-reduce paradigm in a distributed setting.

Artificial Intelligence

Students will learn how to use artificial neural networks in data analysis projects. They will learn methods for training neuronal networks, modern neural network architectures and frameworks, text classification and image classification.

Data visualization

The students will learn the skills necessary to explain the processes they performed with the data, including the entire data analysis pipeline, and the obtained results, in an effective and clear way to a broad audience. This includes being able to communicate all assumptions and nuances that this may have. Data visualization paradigms will be introduced and explored in the context of storytelling, describing how to use them to convey complex data-driven messages.


The students will immerse in the Agile mindset by experimenting the Agile management practices. At the end of this subject they will be able to practice Scrum, understand Kanban, develop and idea from Vision to Deployment from an Agile perspective and define requirements with User Stories.

Competencias para las que le prepara el curso

Boost innovation with analytics and big data opportunities. Become an international professional able to discover insights and drive innovation in any organization.


If you are passionate about building digital products and you would like to access to job opportunities, develop the best digital skills and have a master experience in Barcelona…

We just need from you!


1. Application Form. Fill the application form here.

2. Motivation letter. You must send to the admissions office the application form, your CV as well as a motivation letter explaining how you think the digital industry will be in the next five years and how you could contribute to the digital transformation.

3. Assessment. Our admission officers, as well as the director of the program, will analyze your candidature and if you meet the profile of Barcelona Technology School, we will call you to have a chat.

A previous background in the big data field is not necessary



ACADEMIC BOARD: High qualified instructors and well known professionals
PROJECT MENTORS: Real & experienced professionals will mentor your digital projects
UNIVERSITY: Ensures academic accreditation, quality and certification
DIGITAL COMPANIES: Visit and learn from the tech leaders
ENTREPRENEURS: Inspire your own projects and new disruptive digital business
DIGITAL LABS R+D+I: Digital Labs & innovation projects exposure
CAREER MENTORS: Get professional orientation for your digital career

Idiomas en los que se imparte


Tipo de evaluación

Project-based learning


Duration: 9 months master, Full-Time Program, 60 ETCS.
Starts: October 2019.


The Master in Big Data & Innovation Analytics will help you to become an international professional able to discover insights and drive innovation in any organization. You will learn to extract relevant insights from data and to generate strategic solutions for any kind of organization or industry using the most advanced analytics and data technologies.

Titulación obtenida

Master awarded by Barcelona Technology School and the University of Barcelona

Perspectivas laborales

Tech industry is exploding and the key digital companies need your talent. Barcelona Technology School connects your career with the digital industry while brings you the most demanded digital knowledge & skills.



  • Beach & sports club. Free access of 24.000 m2 of social and sports installation located on the beachfront of Barcelona.

  • International insurance: Travel and medical insurance covers any incidence during the master.


17.000 $

Ventajas del curso

Student diversity groups at BTS reflects the industry need of talent: International diversity, Background diversity, Gender diversity.

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Master in Big Data Solutions (MBDS)

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Master in Big Data Solutions (MBDS)