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Barcelona Technology School is a leading education project that empowers the next professionals who will transform the digital industry. BTS is made of talent, a Team of people that want to inspire and help you to generate digital impact. From the strategic advisory board, to the staff of professors and former students.


Ventajas de estudiar en este centro

Strategic Advisory Board: Industry leaders, with experience in global digital brands, help to develop talent ready to shape a better digital future.
Barcelona Technology School has developed its own practical, active  and participatory methodology with emphasis on “learning by project”, where participants generate their own digital solutions.

This methodology reflects digital industry demand for new professionals with the skills like:
Technical Skills: 

  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development
  • User Experience
  • Big Data
  • Machine Learning
  • Cloud Computing
  • Internet of Things
  • Cyber Security
  • Software Craftsmanship
  • Blockchain
Business and Innovation Skills: 
  • Digital Transformation
  • Digital & Mobile Business
  • Creative Technology
  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • FinTech
  • Legal Tech
  • Change Management
  • Digital Talent & Culture
Core Skills
  • Empathy and communication
  • International scope
  • Flexibility
  • Collaboration & network
  • Transversal vision
  • Curiosity
  • Compromise & responsability

Get ready for a digital career. Barcelona Technology School gives you access to a professional experience during the Master. You’ll develop your talent with the most demanded knowledge and technologies.
Our partners support & mentor Barcelona Technology School as a source of future workers for their digital companies. You will be in deep contact with them, not only to learn from their knowledge, but also to approach to the employment opportunities they will present you during the programs.

Requisitos de admisión
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Modelo educativo
celona Technology School has developed a methodology with emphasis on “learning by project”
Qué ofrece este centro
  • Each course in a BTS program represents an stage of a digital project. That ensures you get the right context of what you are learning, understanding its real applicability and its transformative power.
  • Each master degree program has also its own Final Project where you will apply, on a real case, all the knowledge acquired during the program. Here, you’ll count with the support of digital leaders and mentors that will advice you during this journey to make sure you drive a great digital impact.
  • Be among the best international talent coming from all over the world.
  • BTS is over the average of digital industry in gender diversity.
  • Join us in this transformative challenge discovering what is your professional purpose to ensure you’ll work on what you love: 
    • Get advice from international digital leaders and mentors during this journey
    • Grow with an immersive experience in a global digital ecosystem
    • Get a professional experience and start generating your own digital impact.ç
    • We offer you the tools.
A quién se dirige
Participants coming from all over the world with business & tech academic  backgrounds that represent the talent that digital industry needs.

Campus y sedes

Barcelona Technology School - BTS
Ciudad de México (Distrito Federal)


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