Java EE 7: New Features NEW



Course Objectives
Develop Java EE 7 applications
Design and implement Restful Web Services using JAX RS 2.0
Parse and encode JSON in Java
Create Web Application views using JSF, JSP and EL improved features
Create WebSockets for real-time communication
Integrate JMS, JPA and Batch application technologies in Java EE 7 applications
Integrate EJB, CDI and Bean Validation in backend services for EE application


Java EE 7 Overview
  • List of JSRs (What's New, What's Major Release and What's Updated)
  • Pruned technologies - EJB Entity Beans, JAX-RPC 1.1, JAXR 1.0, and JSR-88 1.2
  • Web Profile Changes
  • New Default Connections for Database and JMS
  • Security Descriptor and Deployment Descriptor Changes
  • Overview of Common Annotations 1.1. How they consolidate and remove duplicates.
Developing Java EE Applications Using JAX-RS 2.0 and JSON-P
  • New Client API
  • JAX-RS Server Side Improvements
  • JSON-P (new API)
Developing Application Using Web Component Enhancements (JSF, JSP, EL, Servlet)
  • JSF Changes
  • JSP Changes
  • EL Changes
  • Servlet Changes
Developing Applications Using WebSocket
  • Explain Web Service Limitations
  • WebSocket Explained
  • Creating WebSockets with Java
  • Client-side WebSocket with JavaScript
  • Client-side WebSocket with Java
Implementing EJB, CDI and Bean Validation
  • EJB Improvements
  • CDI Changes
  • Bean Validation Improvements
Implementing JMS, JPA and Batch
  • JMS 2.0
  • Batch Applications (new API)
  • JPA Improvements


J2EE Developer,  Java Developer,  Java EE Developer
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