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Bachelor in Hospitality Management

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The focus of "hospitality" is always on the guest and the associated services. In addition to the classic hotel sector, this includes the hospitality industry as well as adjacent industries, such as amusement parks, casinos or airlines, and service providers such as hospitality consulting or IT service providers. That means Hospitality Management covers a very wide field with countless, often cross-industry opportunities.

We prepare you for this challenging environment in the International Hospitality Management degree programme with extensive knowledge – both from the hospitality industry as well as from the general management.

You spend your 5th and 6th semester at an international partner university of the IUBH abroad. You have the opportunity to do an additional Bachelor degree there so that you have a dual Bachelor degree after graduation. So you will be in demand worldwide, for example in the hotel industry, in holiday resorts and clubs, but also at congress and trade fair organisers, management consultancies and specialised hotel service providers. Our programme has a practical orientation, for example through case studies, projects and field trips to renowned companies. Most of our professors and lecturers have gained many years of specialist and management experience on an international level and they want to pass this on.

Temario del curso

1st Semester 
  •     Service Operations & Organisation
  •     Practical Training I
  •     Financial Accounting
  •     Academic Research
  •     Human Resources
  •     Foreign Language I
  •     Marketing
  •     Statistics

2nd Semester 
  •     Rooms Division Management
  •     Practical Training II
  •     Mathematics
  •     Business Communication
  •     Management & Cost Accounting
  •     Foreign Language II
  •     Computer Analysis
3rd Semester 
  •     Kitchen Management
  •     Restaurant Management
  •     Financial Management
  •     Microeconomics
  •     Macroeconomics
  •     Foreign Language III
  •     Intercultural Communication
  •     Organizational Behaviour
4th Semester 
  • Internship in Germany or Abroad
5th Semester 
  • Semester Abroad at one of our Partner Universities
6th Semester 
  • Semester Abroad at one of our Partner Universities incl. Bachelor Degree
7th Semester 
  •     Legal Aspects in Hospitality
  •     Consumer Behaviour
  •     Operation Analysis
  •     Advanced Research and Academic Writing
Bachelor Thesis & Colloquium 

The curriculum covers various core elements :

    General business management
  • integrated service management, accounting, microeconomics and macroeconomics as well as mathematics and statistics
  • different management approaches and distribution methods
  • in-depth understanding and assessment of business correlations

    Industry-specific know-how
  • practice-related courses help you to thoroughly understand the hospitality industry
  • detailed knowledge of specific management topics – restaurant management, food & beverage management, room management, law and human resources
    Additional qualifications
  • communication training
  • computer applications
  • in-depth foreign language skills in general and business English
  • second foreign language: Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian or Arabic
    Studies abroad
  • the one year spent studying abroad at one of our partner universities is a fixed component of the course
  • training of foreign language skills
  • practical experience abroad – academic, personal and intercultural
  • second Bachelor degree, awarded by the international partner university


  • El programa se recomienda a personas vinculadas a la actividad hotelera o turística. 


Studying at the IUBH supports and challenges you. Here is what you need to bring with you to become part of our university.

  • Secondary school diploma, technical school certificate or equivalent

  • Equivalent qualifications from foreign schools are recognised accordingly. The International Baccalaureate (IB) may also be recognised as an admission requirement. Talk to our student advisory service about this.

Knowledge of English

Since all our degree programmes are taught in English, proof of language proficiency is required (TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge). If you do not have any of the above-mentioned English qualifications yet, they can be submitted later before the start of your studies.


El programa es completo y didáctico, contando con materias teóricas y prácticas para generar profesionales idóneos en la gestión vinculada a la hotelería y el turismo internacional.

Durante la cursada se ven los diferentes tipos de enfoque en la organización, las gestiones específicas del área (restaurantes, alimentos, hoteles), las habilidades comunicativas necesarias y el estudio de idiomas.


Duración: 210 créditos ECTS, 7 semestres.
Fecha de inicio: Consultar con el centro.


As part of your Bachelor degree in International Aviation Management, you will learn about the specifics of the aviation industry with its global networks, management challenges and mechanisms.

  • You develop comprehensive knowledge of law, marketing and financing in aviation.

  • You acquire basic business know-how, for example in the areas of micro and macroeconomics, statistics and accounting.

  • After choosing a specialisation, for example in airline marketing or in sales and e-commerce, you will receive further qualifications for your desired area.

Titulación obtenida

Al egresar se otorga el Bachelor in International Hospitality Management.

Perspectivas laborales

After graduation you have a wide range of possibilities for starting your career in Germany or abroad. Potential employers include international hotel chains, holiday and club resorts, conference and trade fair organisers, business consultancies or specialised service providers in the hospitality industry.
Typical employers of an Hospitality Manager are:

Hotel chains
Holiday and club resorts
Congress and fair organiser
Business Consulting

For example: As a manager in a hotel company you'll work in human resources, the front office or, after a few years of professional experience, in strategic management. You calculate prices, ensure excellent service quality and create conceptual plans for the hotel's further development. You can also work in the areas of marketing, sales and public relations or specialise in food & beverages.


Consultar con el centro

Ventajas del curso

During your internship, you can use your academic knowledge outside of your studies. You will also get to know the industry better – which provides the perfect foundation for choosing your career. The internship is firmly integrated into your studies so of course you do not lose any time.

You can take your internship in Germany or abroad.
The internship usually lasts five to six months.
Make your first contacts in the industry.
Enrich your CV with an important position.
Use the opportunity to be hired by the company after graduation.

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Bachelor in Hospitality Management

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Bachelor in Hospitality Management