Oracle WebLogic Server 11g: Overview for WLS Administrators



Course Objectives
Describe how Oracle WebLogic Server is used in configuring Oracle Fusion Middleware products
Configure WLS Domain with Fusion Middleware Control
Use Fusion Middleware Control to administer WLS domain
Configure and use Logviewer
Configure Oracle HTTP Server and manage using Fusion Middleware Control
Configure and use Oracle Web Cache
Configure and use Oracle AQ with Oracle WLS JMS
Configure multi data sources with Oracle RAC database


Course Topics

What is Middleware
  • Functions of Middleware
  • Middleware Architecture Design Explain WLDF Architectural Components
  • Service Oriented Architecture Explain WLDF Configuration Basics
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware Solution
Oracle Fusion Middleware Environment
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware Directory Structure and Concepts
  • Middleware Home
  • WebLogic Server Home
  • Oracle Home
  • Oracle Instance
  • Oracle WebLogic Server Domain
  • What is a Farm?
Oracle Fusion Middleware components
  • Oracle WebLogic Server
  • Oracle Metadata Repository
  • Oracle Identity and Access Management
  • Oracle SOA Suite
  • Oracle WebCenter
  • Oracle Business Intelligence
Using Domain Templates to Configure Fusion
Middleware Components
  • Installation Overview
  • Installation Directory Structure
  • Product Component Templates
  • Configuring Components
Getting Started with Management Tools
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control
  • Configuring a WLS Domain with FMW Control
  • Viewing Farm Topology
  • Monitoring WLS and JVM Performance
  • Navigating Application and System MBeans
  • Configuring Logging and Using Logviewer
  • Configuring System Components Using OPMNCTL
Configuring and Using Oracle HTTP Server
  • Introduction to OHS, and mod_wl_ohs
  • Installing / Configuring OHS Instance
  • Start / Stop OHS
  • Configure mod_wl_ohs
  • Viewing the Routing Topology
  • Configuring SSL Between OHS and Browser
Configuring Oracle RAC Database with WLS
  • Multi Data Source overview
  • Using RAC Services
  • Handling XA Transactions
  • Best Practices
Configuring Oracle AQ with WLS JMS
  • Configuring Oracle AQ in the Database
  • Configuring a WebLogic Data Source
  • Configuring a JMS System Module
  • Configuring a JMS Foreign Server
  • Configuring JMS Foreign Server Connection Factories
  • Configuring AQ JMS Foreign Server Destinations
Backup and Recovery Operations
  • Overview of Backup and Recovery
  • Creating a Record of Your Oracle Fusion Middleware Configuration
  • Backing Up Your Environment
  • Recovering After Data Loss, Corruption, or Media Failure


Project Manager, Sales Consultants,  Support Engineer,  System Analysts,  Technical Consultant,  Web Administrator
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