Master Online of Science Degree in Construction Management

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Master Online of Science Degree in Construction Management

Florida International University

Dirigido a ingenieros, ingenieros técnicos, arquitectos y arquitectos técnicos

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The master´s degree is rapidly becoming the entry level requirement for middle and upper level managerial positions in the construction industry.

That is why FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY  and STRUCTURALIA have teamed up to offer an online program created for individuals looking to develop the knowledge and skills needed to successfully manage projects from inception to completion, prepare and implement business plans, and start new companies.

The fully online Master of Science in Construction Management degree features a customized, applied construction management curriculum designed for high potential professionals with experience in engineering, architecture, construction and business.


  1. Fundamentals of Construction Estimating. Principles and practices of estimating, providing application, and drill in surveying quantities of labor and materials for general construction projects: excavation, concrete and formwork, carpentry, masonry, structural steel, lath and plaster, interior finishes.
  2. Construction Economic Analysis. Nature of construction costs, funding sources and arrangements, capital requirements, bonding, insurance, risk and contingency evaluation, general office operations and bidding procedures.
  3. Principles of Construction Scheduling. The application of the Critical Path Method and Program Evaluation Review Technique to construction planning scheduling vs. actual job expenditures. Cost forecasting development of unit prices from field data.
  4. Sustainable Construction. Study of the concepts and techniques of sustainable construction, in depth review of sustainable materials and construction techniques.
  5. Construction Cost Analysis and Control. Description of different types of estimating techniques in relation to different stages in a construction project. Productivity analysis, measurement of progress, and techniques of control are covered.
  6. Productivity in Construction. An in-depth study of common issues relating to productivity improvements in construction.
  7. Construction Safety Management. Introduce the graduate student in Construction Management to the important elements essential in managing the safety function of a construction company.
  8. Management of Construction Organizations. This course studies the management of a construction company. Topics included are: company organization, incorporation structures, policies and procedures, finance, accounting, information, modeling, biddings strategies and operation.
  9. Topics in International Construction. Introduction to procurement, financing and management of international construction projects with emphasis on international economics, contracts, trade agreements and specifications.
  10. Construction Information Systems. The application of information management techniques, including computer hardware and software systems, to the analysis and solution of typical problems in the practice of construction management.
  11. Decision and Risk Analysis in Construction. Techniques of decision analysis for the medium to top level management personnel in the construction industry. Typical construction related problems that involve risk and uncertainty are studied.


This program is designed for professionals with experience in engineering, architecture, construction and business looking to advance their career in the construction industry. The program is flexible enough to accommodate graduates from other disciplines who may lack an undergraduate background in construction management.

Admission Requirements:
  •     Applicants must have a four (4) year Bachelor´s degree or equivalent from an accredited institution in Construction, Construction Management, Architecture, Engineering or Business or equivalent related fields.
  •     Achieved a 3.0, or better, grade point average (GPA) (on a 4.0 scale), or equivalent, in the last 60 hours of upper-level coursework in their undergraduate studies.
  •     Submit two (2) letters of recommendation from persons in a position to judge the applicant's potential for success in graduate study.
  •     Present one (1) page personal statement indicating the reasons and motivation for pursuing the MSCM program.
  •     Submit all official transcripts of all previously attended universities (undergraduate and graduate) in a sealed university envelope.
  •     Submit official proof of any degrees obtained; notarized copy of the original diploma is required.
  •     Documents in a language other than English must be translated by an official translation agency. Notarized translations are unacceptable.
  •     Applicants whose native language is not English must demonstrate proficiency in the English language by presenting a minimum score of 80 on the Internet Based Test ("iBT") Test of English as Foreign Language ("TOEFL") (equivalent to 550 on the paper-based version), 6.5 overall on the international English Language Testing System ("IELTS"). STRUCTURALIA can help in the entire process of studying, taking and passing the exam.  Please ask us for more information.



Florida International University (FIU) is Miami-Dade County´s first public, four-year research university. With more than 46,000 students, 1,000+ full-time faculty members, and more than 155,000 alumni, FIU is one of South Florida´s anchor institutions. FIU offers more than 180 bachelor, master and doctoral degree programs in its colleges and schools.

The OHL School of Construction is committed to excel as the preeminent center for advancement and dissemination of construction knowledge. Our motivated students, highly qualified faculty, and dedicated alumni work together to make the program one of the finest in the country.

The primary goal of this program is to provide advanced knowledge and skills essential for success in managerial positions in the construction industry. Here is just a few of the unique elements:

  • QUALITY: The distinguished faculty of the OHL School of Construction are recognized nationally and internationally for excellence in education, research and professional service, and many are recipients of numerous national awards and recognitions for excellence in scholarly activities and for innovative ideas.
  • PROFESSIONAL CONNECTION:  The program provides an excellent opportunity to build your network and learn from other accomplished engineers, construction and business professionals in your FIU alumni network.
  • SUCCESS: Graduates of this program are well-placed in responsible positions in the construction industry worldwide.   
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