Architect Enterprise Applications with Java EE



Make good use of Java EE component technologies to solve typical problems in system architecture
Derive software systems using techniques outlined in the Java EE Blueprint and solutions defined in the Java EE Patterns
Address quality-of-service requirements in a cost-effective manner using engineering trade-off techniques
Describe the role of the architect and the products an architect delivers
List and describe typical problems associated with large-scale enterprise systems


Examining EJB Applications
Introduce the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE)
Examine the Java EE application architecture
Examine the Java EE application creation process
Introducing the Auction Application
Describe the auction application
Define the domain objects of the auction application
Describe the implementation model for the auction system
Implementing EJB 3.0 Session Beans
Create session beans: Essential tasks
Create session beans: Add life-cycle event handlers
Package and deploy session beans
Create a session bean client
Implementing Entity Classes: The Basics
Define entity classes: Essential tasks
Manage the life-cycle of an entity instance
Define entity beans: Add life-cycle event handlers
Package and deploy entity classes
Implementing Entity Classes: Modelling Data Association Relationships
Examine association relationships in the data and object models
Use relationship properties to define associations
Implement unidirectional and bidirectional associations
Implementing Entity Classes: Modelling Inheritance Relationships
Examining entity class inheritance
Inheriting from an entity class
Inheriting from an abstract entity class
Inheriting from a non-entity class
Inheriting using an embedded superclass
Examining Inheritance mapping strategies
Define entity classes: Using an embedded class
Define entity classes: Using a composite primary key
Using the Java Persistence Query Language (QL)
Examine the Java Persistence query language
Create and use the select statement
Create and use the bulk update statement
Create and use the delete statement
Create and use Query objects
Developing Java EE Applications Using Messaging
Describe the roles of the participants in the JMS API messaging system
Write a message producer
Write an asynchronous message listener
Write a synchronous message listener
List the messaging capabilities and limitations of session, entity, and message-driven beans

Developing Message-Driven Beans
Describe the properties and life cycle of message-driven beans
Create a JMS message-driven bean
Create a non JMS message-driven bean
Implementing Interceptor Classes and Methods
Create business interceptor method in the enterprise bean class
Create an interceptor class
Associate multiple business interceptor methods with an enterprise bean
Include life-cycle callback interceptor methods in an interceptor class
Create entity life-cycle callback methods
Implementing Transactions
Describe the transaction demarcation task
Implement Container-Managed Transactions (CMT)
Interact programmatically with an ongoing CMT transaction
Implement Bean-Managed Transactions (BMT)
Apply transactions to messaging

Handling Exceptions
Introduce exceptions in Java EE applications
Describe the exception path in a Java EE application environment
Describe EJB container exception handling
Handle exceptions in an enterprise bean's methods
Handle exceptions in an enterprise bean's client code
Review specific issues relating to exception handling in EJB technology applications
Using Timer Services
Create a timer callback notification
Process a timer callback notification
Manage timer objects
Implementing Security
Understand the Java EE security architecture
Authenticate the caller
Examine Java EE authorization strategies
Use declarative authorization
Use programmatic authorization
Examine the responsibilities of the deployer
Using EJB Technology Best Practices
Define best practices and state the benefits of using EJB technology best practices
Select and apply known patterns to Java EE application desig


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