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Soft Landing México is a group of professionals with proven track record of experience helping foreign companies to do business in Mexico. This consultancy has a broad network of services providers to fulfill your local needs for starting or improving your operations.


Be a group of professionals who strive to perform every single project as if it were our own company.


Gain international recognition for embracing a culture oriented towards exceeding clients' expectations.

Our Promise.

International expansion into Mexico can be simplified.



Ventajas de estudiar en este centro
Soft Landing México can make available for your company to be in Mexico. They offer experts that fit your requirements at the right time, so you can concentrate on running the business.
Also work closely with the clients, to help them and guide them in driving their business ventures in Mexico into high performance projects, as successful as they are in their home country and other regions where they've established a presence.
Based on a deep assessment of our clients, Soft Landing México seek solutions to their needs and expectations by offering alternatives and work plans developed under the understanding that each client is unique and therefore there are no rigid solutions, but challenges to find the best solution to each one.
Modelo educativo
Trainings for companies
Qué ofrece este centro
  • Employee training: Employers are required by law to provide training to their workers, according to the plans and development programs implemented. Companies with 50 or more employees must form a joint Productivity and Training Committee that includes employer and employee representatives to plan and implement training. The purpose of the committee is to perform regularly audits and develop systems to increase productivity, industry knowledge, skills, and competence.
  • Recruitment: In order to increase efficiency in hiring and retention and to ensure consistency and compliance in the recruitment and selection process, it is recommended to receive assistance from a local expert that knows the Mexican employment market, the best practices to attract talent and the commonly benefits granted depending on the type and level of the positions that companies are looking to occupy, whether it’s an existing or newly created vacant position.
    Experts will make sure that the candidates satisfy all the recruitment criteria defined by the company or jointly.
A quién se dirige
Soft Landing México is speciallized in the training of human resources for foreign companies that growing their business into México. Have you considered engaging a trustworthy business partner who’s native to the region and intimately familiar with the local business climate?

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