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Leading virtual and remote teams

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Workplaces around the world are enjoying the power and opportunities of being linked virtually though technology. However, many virtual teams do not succeed because they fail to recognize that virtual collaboration has to be managed in specific ways.The leader of a virtual or remote team must successfully apply special insights and techniques to guide performance and work relationships with employees who may be hundreds or thousands of miles away.

This powerful three-day seminar is designed to help you build truly synergistic and effective long-distance teams. You will return to work with the tools and methods you need to manage and lead virtual and remote teams with success and complete confidence.

How You Will Benefit:

  • Identify the unique competencies of virtual leaders and team members

  • Recognize team need for relationships based on tasks and team member distance

  • Select and use effective tools, techniques and technology designed specifically for virtual teams

  • Manage performance from a distance more effectively

  • Utilize best practices for building and maintaining trust and connection in virtual and remote teams

  • Develop virtual team meeting facilitation skills and learn to use influence skills in a virtual environment

Who Should Attend:

Managers, senior managers, directors and project leaders of global and/or geographically dispersed teams.


Temario del curso

What You Will Cover:
  • Identify the concerns you face as a virtual team leader and what your team members need from you
  • Articulate how time and culture affect remote team interactions
  • Apply a proven and successful virtual team model
  • Identify strategic ways to build trust within virtual and remote teams
  • Choose the best technology for the work you are doing
  • Define virtual team members' roles and responsibilities to maintain team focus on goals, objectives, and tasks
  • Discover and apply proven techniques for effective and engaging conference calls
  • Facilitate techniques for creative problem solving and brainstorming
  • Effectively develop and use rules of engagement in order to facilitate team longevity, productivity, and goals
  • Utilize your insights as a team leader to coach and motivate your team to achieve effective performance
  • Develop a plan to implement personal leadership skills and build successful team performance



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Leading virtual and remote teams

Leading virtual and remote teams