Curso - CPEH Certified Professional Ethical Hacker


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Curso - CPEH Certified Professional Ethical Hacker.

Course Overview.

The Certified Professional Ethical
Hacker course is the introductory training to mile2's line of
penetration testing courses and certifications. The course training
helps students gain a valuable skill-set in penetration testing by
understand the importance of vulnerability assessments and ethical
hacking through:

  • Learning the knowledge and skills
    behind a vulnerability assessment.

  • Preparation to apply this
    knowledge and exercise these skills in the interest of others.

  • Understand the importance of a
    Vulnerability Assessment and how it can help you prevent serious
    break-ins to your organization.
This is accomplished by:

  • Performing in-depth labs with
    industry standard tools.

  • Learning the penetration testing
    methodology through conceptual theories and real-world practices.

  • Equipping you with the knowledge
    about what hackers look for when trying to hack into your network.

  • Assessing for the cause of testing
    your company's security posture to help better secure the
    infrastructure against intrusion.
Upon Completion.

  • Have knowledge to perform ethical
    hacking for vulnerability assessments.

  • Have knowledge to accurately
    report on their findings.

  • Be ready to sit for the C)PEH Exam
Course Content.

With 14 Modules and 5 appendices, the
C)PEH will not only teach you the know-how of penetration testing,
but you'll have real-world experience to solidify what you have

Part 1 Fundamentals.

1: Security Fundamentals
2: Access Controls
3: Protocols
4: Cryptography

Part 2 Vulnerability Assessments.

5: Why Vulnerability Assessments?
6: Vulnerability Tools of the Trade
7: Output Analysis and Reports

Part 3 Ethical Hacking.

8: Reconnaissance, Enumeration and
9: Gaining Access
10: Maintaining Access
11: Covering Tracks
12: Malware
13: Buffer Overflows
14: Password Cracking


1: Economics and Law
2: Vulnerability Types
3: Assessing Web Servers
4: Assessing Remote & VPN
5: Denial of Service

Información General:
  • Fecha: Del 19 al 23 de Octubre
  • Horarios: 4:00 PM a 10:00 PM
  • Precio: $1350 US + IVA


1.350 $

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Curso - CPEH Certified Professional Ethical Hacker

Curso - CPEH Certified Professional Ethical Hacker