B-learning for English as a Foreign Language B1


This blended course for B1 has been designed to have a 6 hour work on-line and two sessions of two hours in face-to-face interaction. This course has 7 units; each unit consists of two lessons. You will need to build up a glossary of your own per unit, so keep this in mind while you read a text or listen to an audio. Do not forget to take notes always. You will have two weeks to complete every unit. It is highly recommended that you do all the activities on-line in advance in order to avoid falling behind schedule. Doing the activities on-line will help you practice what has already been taught in class.


Unit 1. Living on your own
Unit 2. The environment
Unit 3. Getting a job
Unit 4. Making a living
Unit 5. Fitness
Unit 6. Why is culture important?
Unit 7. Final Project


Curso semipresencial dirigido a alumnos de la UNAM inscritos en el CELE
Campus y sedes: CELE Centro de Estudios de Lenguas Extranjeras
CELE Centro de Estudios de Lenguas Extranjeras de la UNAM
Circuito interior s/n Ciudad Universitaria Del. Coyoacán 04510 Distrito Federal
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