Descripción del centro

CentroGeo is an academic institution devoted to research, education, technological innovation, and the dissemination of knowledge in Geomatics and Contemporary Geography.

CentroGeo is one of 27 research and business centers supported by the Mexican Science and Technology Council (CONACYT), and engaged in the advancement of science which responds to society's needs.

Developed at CentroGeo, the Model of Scientific Management devoted to advancing theoretical, methodological, and technological issues in Geomatics, is based on both meeting the needs of society and integrating new knowledge into theory.

CentroGeo has a modern, simple, horizontal, and flexible organizational structure that permits for efficient administration of its human and financial resources. This structure is complemented in a significant way by the scientific and educational activities conducted by RedGeo

Campus y sedes

Centro de Investigación en Geografía y Geomática Ing. Jorge L. Tamayo, A.C.
Contoy No 137, esq. Chemax - Col. Lomas de Padierna 14740 Tlalpan, D.F. (Distrito Federal)